Inspection and Electrical Test

- ATG 1000 10 to 250 volt electrical test system
- New System S24-25 PZ Flying Grid Electrical Tester
- Camtek ORION-604 WR AOI System
- Lavenir Fixmaster electrical test fixture software
- Various hole gages, digital micrometers with statistical capability, calipers, gauge blocks, etc.
- Micro-Vu magnifier/comparator with MD-1 digital controller for accurate measurement
- Starret Granite Surface Plate


- CMI MFX-B-M copper and BMX gold thickness measurement system
- Omega Meter 600 SMD Ionic Contamination system
- Complete Buehler micro-section preparation system
- Unitron metallurgical microscope with camera
- Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
- Hull cell with Aldonex 25 amp rectifier
- Fisher Accumet 800 pH meter
- Solder pot for thermal shock testing
- Denver Instrument Co. A-160 digital weight scale

Wet Processing

- Argus HAL 5224 Hot Air Solder Leveler (HAL)
- Marseco conveyorized pre-clean line for HAL
- ASI post-clean line for HAL
- Hollmuller conveyorized black hole line
- 200 gal Electroless copper plating line
- 1200 gallon Electrolytic acid copper plating tanks (2)
- 600 gallon Electrolytic acid tin plating tank
- Enplate Desmear/Etchback line
- Enplate 438 Black Oxide line
- Sommer & Maca scrubbers with closed loop filtration
- Somaca WBT-6224 conveyorized deburring machine
- ASI Resist Strip Machine
- Chemcut 547 XL conveyorized alkaline etching system
- Dry Film batch stripping system
- Mechanical Tin Strip Line
- QVAC Vacuum Bubble Wrap Machine

Dry Film Imaging

-Olec 8 KW high intensity exposure equipment
- 3 Colight 1330 5KW
- DuPont HRL dry laminators (2)
- Chemcut 574 XL conveyorized developer with A ph controlled feed & bleed chemistry additive system
- Nu Arc flip-top film exposure unit
- Techniflex ammonia developer
- DL-2000 Micro-Modifier
- Multiline Semi Auto Artwork Punch
- Western Magnum Substrate Cleaner
- VCM Developer

Drilling and Multilayer Equipment

- TMP 4 opening hydraulic vacuum laminating press
- Automatic pinning machine
- Excellon Mark VI drill (2)
- Mark V drills (2)
- Excellon Uniline 2000 drill
- Excellon EX-300 drill routers (2)
- All drills and routers use CNC 6 controllers
- Acu-Score AS-150-JE Jump Scoring Machine
- Tennsmith 52î hydraulic shear
- Bevelmate edge beveler
- Multiline OPTI-LINE PE
- Multiline HD O-Frame Depinner


- Circuit Automation DP1500
- Elite screening tables (5)
- Douthlitt vacuum frame
- Nu Arc 3KW exposure system
- Screen dryer
- Colight UV24 curing system
- Grieve ovens (3) and Bassi Thermo-matic 2.0 LPI oven
- Douthill screen wash and inspection unit
- Pumiflex 24 Pumice Scrubber

Engineering and Production Control

- Lavenir software for Cad Engineering
- Gerber CRESENT 30 laser photo plotter with Sun Computer
- Networked bar code job entry and real time tracking system
- DUPONT rapid access silver film processor
- Excellon OPIC III optical drill programming system

Environmental Control

- Trionetic ion exchange treatment and recycle system with electro winning cell for metal recovery
- Trionetic RO System for water reuse
- Serfilco PH controller with acid and caustic metering pumps for pretreatment

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